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But unstressed o in the initial syllable would become schwa in SW  
British and then e after the accent shift; cf. fontana > fenten.
Moreover in the pre-form *cochylia i.e. *cochilia, there is also the  
question of i-affection.
I should expect a singular *cochilium to develop in Cornish as *kegil.  
The plural then would be *kegili.  If the g - l were metathesised,
this would give keligi. This is probably to be equated with Lhuyd's  
kyligi, where the stress is on the second syllable and the
first syllable is schwa (written by Lhuyd as a dotted y).


On 27 Du 2009, at 11:19, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

>  to assume the vowel <o>.

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