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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sat Nov 28 20:43:51 GMT 2009

On 28 Nov 2009, at 20:12, nicholas williams wrote:

> With tycky Duw we have a plural tycky Duwas.

We also have tyckyas Duw.

> To be consistent ought we say eskelly grehynas?

It seems to me that we must indeed have a way of saying both "bat" and  

askel grohen, a leather-wing, seems to say 'bat' to me.

eskelly crohen, leather-wings, seems fine for 'bats'.

KK is using this anyway (as askell-groghen, eskelli-kroghen); George  
takes sgelli grehan as a plural,and points to Breton askell-groc'hen.  
It seems likely that "askel grohen" should indeed be used as a  
singular Cornish.

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