[Spellyans] Henry Jenner's signature

Ken MacKinnon ken at ferintosh.org
Thu Oct 8 12:07:00 BST 2009

Michael and friends,

Sorry cannot help re Jenner's signature.   However,  I have in fact pored 
through the boxes of Jenner's papers in the Courtney archive in Truro. 
There is quite a bit there and I would hazard a guess and seem to remember 
that there were quite a number of personal letters.

I was in search of the original of the 'Caernarfon telegramme' sent by 
Hambley Rowe to Jenner at the Celtic Congress of 1904 - and which he waved 
about to telling effect that Cornish was an actual and extant living 
language.    This played its part in Cornwall being recognised as a 'Celtic 
Country'.    I had hoped to locate it in time for the Centenary - but was 
unable to find it.

Does anyone know whether anyone has managed to track it down and can assist 
as to its present location?  Its importance is that it is in a sense the 
Revival's foundation document - and Hambley Rowe was using the then cutting 
edge of latest technology to relaunch the language.

- an Ken ken 

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