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Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Sun Sep 20 10:05:34 BST 2009

Again, thank you Ken for your kind remarks.

I think that this praise can be accepted equally by all those who  
worked on the book.

Myself, Nigel Roberts who put a lot of work in on the illustrations  
and Michael and Nicholas for proof reading and Michael for type  
setting.  I am very proud to be able to say that all those who worked  
on it are members of Agan Tavas, this shows the broad depth of talent  
that we have within the society.

On 18 Gwn 2009, at 12:03, Ken MacKinnon wrote:

> A gowetha wheg,
> I have just received the copies of Skeul an Tavas which I ordered  
> earlier this week.  I have already had the opportunity to skim read  
> and to study one or two points in a little more depth.  I must say  
> at the outset that all concerned are to be very warmly congratulated  
> on the publication and production standards.    These are attractive  
> and well designed.  I find the illustrations most helpful, and  
> indeed they most obviously show considerable thought and purpose  
> from a teaching and learning perpective.  These books will be of  
> enormous benefit to Cornish learners, and richly deserve a good  
> sale.  I am sure that they will play a part in increasing the take- 
> up and success amongst potential learners.  This is a real  
> breakthrough and step forward..
> I must say that reading Cornish in practice brings home to me the  
> virtues of the Kernowak Standard system - especially for the  
> vowels.  This all begins to make systematic sense.  The use of  
> traditional graphs is much to be commended for those of us who have  
> been habituated to the traditional and early revived forms of  
> Cornish - as well as Cornish as it appears on Ordnance Survey maps.
> These productions have given me a real incentive to get on with the  
> business of effectively acquiring the language.    The various  
> competing forms have to date been a real deterrent, and most  
> especially from the point of view of pronunciation.     This has  
> been a real off-putter (indeed one of the causes of failure in Grade  
> Four oral exam.)   Following the sectiuons on pronunciation, as so  
> clearly and systematically outlined in these guides, will be a very  
> real help.   I could only wish that this course might be followed up  
> with a pronunciation CD.   (I have not found other previous efforts  
> of such to have  been of much help.)
> I have also just received the annual report of the Kesva.  I note  
> their forward policies re examinations.  In the Kesva exams I very  
> much trust that marks will not be deducted for use of traditional  
> graphs in the SWF option - nor to be fair all round for residual  
> spelling effects from candidates who have so far used previous  
> varieties of the language - in my case Unified. It might be good to  
> get some re-assurance on this.    The present state of the game is  
> after all very much a transitional period, and this should be fully  
> recognised and not prescriptively penalised.   It may be time for  
> other modes of examination to be recognised or developed.  I am not  
> at all sure what the Language Ladder scheme itself involves in this  
> regard.
> Incidentally, one small point of criticism in this respect, the  
> Foreword speaks of the 'UK Department for Children, Schools and  
> Families'.  I do not think that this department has any remit in the  
> devolved jurisdictions of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.   If  
> I am correct it is an England-only department.   You might have just  
> about got away with; 'the Department for Children, Schools and  
> Families under the UK Government' or 'the government's Department  
> for Children,Schools and Families', (which is probably what was  
> intended, and what it actually is in our present dog's dinner of a  
> constitution.)
> Anyway, very hearty congratulations to all concerned on this  
> initiative. It will bear much fruit.
> Keslowena colonnek dheugh-why oll - an Ken ken

Gans oll an gwella,

Ray Chubb


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