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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Sun Aug 15 23:16:49 BST 2010

We have cùcùmys in Alys; that's [kʊˈkʊmᵻs] pl cùcùmysow. Ray's Everyday Cornish has cucumbra. The UCR dictionary gives cucumys (= KS cùcùmys) and cūcumber [ˈkuːkʊmbər] pl cūcumbers (= KS cûcùmber). 

The KK dictionaries give no word for this.

The SWF glossary gives cucomber pl cucomberyow which I read as [kʏˈkɔmbər]~[kɪˈkɔmbər] for which I think the rounded front vowel in the first syllable unlikely.

Wyclif's form was cucumer, app. directly from Latin cucumis (acc. cucumerem). Other English forms are found in cocomber, cucumber, etc.. There are obsolete French forms cocombre and coucombre.

Should we use cûcùmbra pl cûcùmbrys or cûcombra pl cûcombrys? 

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