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Ceri Young rcr_young at yahoo.co.uk
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While you're at it, could you please settle the word 'cucumber' for the Welsh 
language too please! ;o)

...With added brownie points if you could establish a formal Welsh translation 
for summer squash (including a specific term for marrow & courgette (i.e. 
a premature marrow)) & winter squash (including a specific term for 'gourde')! 

Welsh translations for all these terms are in a terrible mess!

Oll an gwella

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I spoke with Ray this morning, and he says ['kuːkᵿmbɹə] with a stress on the 
first syllable, a long vowel, and a u-coloured schwa in the penultimate. Either 
<cûcùmbra> or <cûcombra> could represent this; the latter has the "advantage" of 
fewer diacritics and is similar to the older French <coucombre>.

I do think that we should stick to the accidence cûcombra pl cûcombrys in favour 
of a KK/SWF-based cûcomber pl cûcomberyow.

Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com/

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