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Nicholas wheg, 

Pandr’yw dha breus jy a liesplek an ger “bys”?




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As far as the judges of Holyer an Gof are concerned it would seem that orthography trumps quality.

The two permitted orthographies are KK (which was rightly rejected by the Commission) and the SWF.

Neither of the two winning volumes seems to be of outstanding value.

Moreover the KK dictionary has changed the phonology of KK and in so doing has rendered the orthography wholly unphonemic—

which we were told was the sine qua non of KK . Not that any such changes will affect anybody's pronunciation; since all speakers of

KK actually speak UC (plus a few errors of their own, e.g. privv 'worm', bizz 'world').


The SWF on the other hand in both its forms is a political compromise, which is as inauthentic as it is incoherent. It is unlikely to last long—at least in its present form. 

The revival needs to be built on scholarly criteria, not political fudge.

What a missed opportunity!


Nicholas Williams


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I have to agree, the decision concerning the Cornish Language entries does appear a little strange but, I do not know what criteria was used during the judging process.  To Michael, Craig and others that produce KS material; don't let 'them' grind you down, please continue with your endeavours.  Although I do not possess the capacity to influence the masses, I am using word-of-mouth to promote KS within my community.


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