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Not only the 'most conprehensive', but I believe it to be the most
authentic. Since 1980 I have been interested in Celtic languages, and have
been studying them as an amateur purely for interest. I naturally only had
UC as a guide in those early days. As my study is comparative, my interest
was in finding Cornish translations through the centuries that corresponded
to the other Celtic languages. Over the course of this study it is plain
that UC grew out of actual historically written Cornish, and tried to make
some consistency within it. UCR took this to another level, but still did
not lose that link with the past. I have various KK and 'Modern' Cornish
vocabs and glossaries, which really seem to bear no resemblance to
traditional Cornish, not have any natural correspondence to other Celtic

Like many I rejoiced when UCR came out, in that it seemed a natural
progression of the work to date, and gave us a more complete and cohesive
corpus to work with, without throwing away that past. I too shall continue
to use UCR.



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On 22 Est 2010, at 20:17, WILSON NANCY wrote:

> I now have my UCR copy of Testament Noweth and NJWilliams UCR  
> Gerlyver to help me with any 'stumbling' in the texts. Both books  
> are from Evertype/Spyrys and I highly recommend them. They rather  
> reinforce my instinct that UCR, for all it has been so prematurely  
> dumped by most, is still the richest form of Cornish.

We must remember that the intention of the SWF was that it should be a  
compromise spelling for use in Statutory Education and Public Life  
only.  It was never intended to replace anything that went before.   
With hindsight I think that a big mistake was accepting that what used  
to be referred to as the Single Written Form was in the future to be  
known as the Standard Written Form.  This implies that everything else  
is in some way inferior.

At a personal level I use UCR and will continue to do so and yes it is  
a rich form of Cornish based firmly on the historical texts.  I  
sincerely hope that what ever changes are made to the SWF in 2013 will  
give it the regularity of KS but at the end of the day KS like the SWF  
is a compromise spelling and, apart from the stated uses, not  
something for those of us who wish to imitate Cornish at the high  
point of its history.

Ray Chubb


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