[Spellyans] Holyer an Gof 2010

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Mon Aug 23 15:51:19 BST 2010

Surely the historical high point for Cornish was up to the end of the  
period when it was recognised and supported by the establishment of  
its day i.e. 1549 after which Glasney College was dissolved.

Following that people were free to do what they liked with Cornish and  
did so.  Pretty much like the language revival in the last two to  
three decades :-)

On 23 Est 2010, at 14:14, Michael Everson wrote:

> The second point of interest is Ray's suggestion that Cornish had "a  
> high point". I don't know. Who says? Is the Ordinalia "better" than  
> Bêwnans Ke or the Creacyon an Bës? Which is more or less accessible?  
> We cannot know what Jenner or Nance would have done had Tregear and  
> Bêwnans Ke been available to them.

Ray Chubb


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