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I also say:  Grassa dhis; grassa dhywgh (but unsure where they came  


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> Ever since Nance's time revivalists have been saying Meur ras dhywgh  
> for ‘thank you.’ Variants of this expression are certainly attested:
> gorthyans ha gras thy’s a das ‘praise and thanks to thee, O father’  
> OM 1149.
> Syr Teuthar, mer gras theso! ‘Sir Teuthar, great thanks to you!’ BK  
> 1081
> a das kere mere rase thewhy agis dyskans da pub preyse ‘O dear  
> father, thank you for your instruction always’ CW 1953-54
> mear a ras thewhy eall due ‘great thanks to you, o angel of God’ CW  
> 1872
> Rag nag ez buz lebban duath dem dro d’an hollan kear, maras tha Dieu  
> ‘For it is only now that I have finished concerning the expensive  
> salt, thanks be to God’ Oliver Pender.
> In the Late Cornish texts, however, ‘thank you’ is often Duw re  
> dallo dhywgh why, pronounced Dùrdalla dhywgh why:
> Durdala dewhy, syr: I do thanke you, syr Borde
> Da, Durdala dewhy, master da: Well, God thanke you, good master Borde
> Da durdala tha why: Well, I thank you Carew
> Dah, durdala tha why: Well, I thank you Pryce.
> It is likely, however that the second sentence quoted there from  
> Borde and Carew and Pryce all have the same source.
> In the texts, however, the ordinary way of saying ‘thank you’ is  
> gromercy. I have collected the following examples:
> A das a nef gromercy ‘O father of heaven, thank you’ OM 405
> gromersy arluth a brys rag the roow prest yv da ‘thank you, worthy  
> lord, for your presents are always good’ OM 2313-14
> agas enour gromersy a vynnough the wul thy'mo ‘for your honour you  
> wish to do me thank you’ OM 2384-85
> serys gromersy yn weth mara pewaf why a veth ‘sirs, thanks also you  
> will have, if I am spared’ OM 2395-96
> ha largys ha gromersy ‘Oh generosity, and thank you!’ OM 2465
> Gromersy arloth hep par ‘Thank you, lord without equal’ OM 2595
> grant mercy syre iustis ‘thank you, sir magistrate’ PC 3133
> grant merci syr iustis bynytha syngys of thy's ‘thank your, sir  
> magistrate, every shall I be grateful to you’ RD 95-6
> Gramercy zywy warbarth ‘Thank you all together’ BM 258
> Gromercy meryasek wek agis norter yv mar dek maythogh keris gans  
> lues ‘Thank you, Meriasek, your upbringing is so fine, that you are  
> loved by many’ BM 286-88
> Gromercy meryasek wek mar luen oys a corteysy ‘Thank you, Meriasek,  
> you are so full of courtesy’ BM 298-99
> Gromercy agen lych da mur gras y wothen nefra thywy agis bolnegeth  
> ‘Thank you, our good liege, we would acknowledge much thanks to you  
> for your goodwill’ BM 308-10
> Tewdar gyntel, gromercy a’th veneson ‘Gentle Teudar, thank you for  
> your blessing’ BK 641-42
> Gramersy theso, dremas! ‘Thank you, good sir!’ BK 824
> Teuthar gentel, gramersy! ‘Gentle Teudar, thank you!’ BK 1093
> Gromersy a’n gwelha tas, Arthor rych a ryowta ‘Thank you for the  
> finest father, Arthur rich in majesty’ BK 1154-55
> Gromersy, arluth cortys, flowran ol an arlythy ‘Thank you, courteous  
> lord, flower of all lords’ BK 1594-95
> Gramersy, arluth glorius, the peb eth os plegadow ‘Thank you, O  
> glorious lord; to all you are pleasing’ BK 1626-27
> Gramercy, ow arluth gay ‘Thank you, my fine lord’ BK 3060
> Gramersie, gentyll Howen, ha me this maga lowan a’n tal, mara calla’  
> ‘Thank you, gentle, Howen, and to you I will repay it as willingly,  
> if I can’ BK 3214-16
> myhall sera thewgh gramercy ‘By St Michael, sir, thank you’ CW 599
> I thanke you, Gad marshe Richard Symonds
> gra massi ‘thank you’ Lhuyd.
> Given that gromercy ‘thank you’ is much better attested than any  
> other expression with the sense ‘thank you’, perhaps we should be  
> using it in preference to Meur ras dhis/Meur ras dhywgh why.
> Nicholas
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