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Ceri Young rcr_young at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 27 14:27:29 BST 2010

Font useage is quite an interesting topic to raise in a forum developing KS 
because of its useage of diacrits which aren't supported by a substantial number 
of fonts, and which would surely present some problems to those who'd wish 
to use KS in desktop publishing without particular expertise in typesetting.

Obviously, this problem exists in Welsh too - the Welsh Language Board's website 
has issued PDF advice guides on the graphical presentation of Welsh and how to 
tackle problems involved in Welsh typography; using fonts which don't support 
the language's peculiar diacrits such as circumflexes over 'y' or 'w' characters 
etc. - so the guides contain some basic advice on how to kern a circumflex over 
a plain letter form. Other advice in the guides concerns best practice 
guidelines for the graphical layout of bilingual literature, or how to choose 
fonts which take into account Welsh's higher frequency of characters with stems 
& tails ('ascenders' & 'descenders') than is evident in English - or kerning 
where letter combinations of 'yw' or 'wy' require cosmetic adaptations to the 
font settings. 

If it's of interest to anybody, (and while I have no idea if the Cornish 
Language Board publishes similar advice to graphic designers) I've attached two 
of the more recent of such PDF guides issued by the Welsh Language Board to this 
post. I think there's definitely a few points of in these which might be of 
interest to those who write Revived Cornish, and indeed; KS.

Oll an gwella,

From: John Nash <mim.oldwellstudio at btinternet.com>
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Subject: [Spellyans] Cornish fonts

I suppose this request is really directed mainly at Michael Everson, but any 
information from members of this forum would be appreciated. Compared with Welsh 
and Irish, indigenous calligraphic source material for style reference is, to 
say the least, a bit thin on the ground for Cornish - are there as yet any 
specifically recommended fonts for display lettering in Cornish?
John Nash
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