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A. J. Trim ajtrim at msn.com
Sun Aug 29 09:21:49 BST 2010

Personally, I believe that Cornish should be written in a good clear modern typeface, such as Charis SIL or Candara. These will facilitate legibility and comprehension, and so communication - for which any natural language is really intended.

Of course, language should not hinder artistic expression. The nearest that I could find to the typeface of the Ordinalia is Xirwena.

I see two problems with this (beyond the fact that it obfuscates the language): Firstly, it may not be free for commercial purposes. Secondly, the curly tail on the lower-case y soon annoys. Someone may wish to contact the "owner" to see if they can reduce the tail on the y.

Please see the attachment. Apologies to Nicholas. I have re-spelt his fine translation. Note that this is written in my own experimental orthography, and not in KS. The purpose of appending it here is just for fun to show the Xirwena font. It's not perfect but it may be the best traditional typeface that we have till someone develops something specifically for Cornish.

The background is "Parchment" and the brown "ink" is subtly shaded to show that the "ink" is running low from the "nib" towards the ends of the lines!


Andrew J. Trim  
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