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Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 30 12:11:50 BST 2010

Ken whek,

Your point is a good one. For regular printed text, Cornish should use  
the same wide range of excellent fonts that English and other European  
languages enjoy—everything from the (overused) likes of Helvetica and  
Times New Roman to less well-known beauties.

But for display purposes, titling, logos and such, absolutely anything  
may suit the work in hand. I adore the look of a display page of  
Cornish in blackletter (although I wouldn't want to read a whole book  
in it!).

Having made that assertion, I couldn't resist having a go with one of  
my favourite blackletter fonts, and have taken the liberty of  
appending the results below. I've used the version 'An Pader' in Andy  
Phillips' 2004 'Lyver Pejadow', and I make no apologies for it being  
in the excellent UCR orthography. Perhaps someone might care to repeat  
the experiment in KS, using one of Michael's lovely Celtic fonts (at  
the risk of being accused of ectopicity or worse!)

Sorry this is a little off-topic, but we need a bit of fun now and  
then…and it IS a jolly good prayer!

Eddie Climo

On 30 Est 2010, at 10:57, Ken MacKinnon wrote:
> Andrew and colleagues,
>  My earlier points on this may have been mistaken.  I have not been  
> suggesting use of an 'Ordinalia' script for everyday Cornish use.    
> The point has been only for 'decorative' purposes, stylistic and  
> language display uses, and the like - not for everyday usage.

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