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I would agree that alternative options should be given more visibility.

I'n termyn a dheu (the time that will come) sounds like a definite reference
to an impending future action that is unavoidable. For example such
rhetorical devices as "Judgement Day", "the fall of Capitalism", "Come the

The alternatives seem to better convey a more ambiguous or flexible future.


On 1 December 2010 12:05, nicholas williams <njawilliams at gmail.com> wrote:

> I notice that almost all speakers, whatever their preferred orthography,
> use the same expression
> for 'in the future', namely *i'n termyn a dheu*.
> I am unhappy about this expression, since it seems that we should be
> looking
> for a way of saying 'in the time which is coming' rather than 'in the time
> which will come'.
> The second is, it seems to me, too distant.
> And indeed the expression is used of final judgement:
> *Galles genogh mens am bus termen a thue crist ihesus interthon a ran an
> gvyr prederugh helma deth brus *'You have taken all I have.
> Between us at some future date Christ Jesus will distribute justice. Think
> of that on the day of judgement'  BK 1920-24.
> I should prefer:
> *i'n termyn usy ow tos*.
> Compare:
> *In neb dythyow us ow tos settys rag th’agan dyseysya me a wor the wyr e
> vos, ha pryns heb par*  'In some days that are coming
> I know that he is determined to unsettle us indeed and a peerless
> prince' BK 2239-42.
> In some cases the best translation for 'in the future' might be *alebma
> rag* 'from now on, in future', cf.
> *tru y disky aban reys a**lemma rag** ny'm byth creys* 'alas, since it is
> necessary to take it of, in future I shall have no peace' RD 1959-60
> *pan a dra a ren ny gwettyas theworth du **alymma rag** mar teny ha peha
> hay ankevy eff* 'what can we expect from God in the future, if we sin and
> forget him?' TH 15a
> *Gesowgh oll rancor, anger ha malice **alemma rag** the vos vtterly
> banysshys theworthan ny* 'Let all rancour, anger and malice be utterly
> banished from us in future' TH 30
> *ha na venny alemma rag kepar ha flehes ow shackya gans pub waffe, na bos
> ledys gans pub blast a thyscans*
>  'and so that we in the future will not be like children shaking with every
> breeze, nor led by each gust of doctrine' TH 42
> *Gesowgh ny lymmyn, tus vas oll, alemma rag the vos constant ha feithfull
> in gwryoneth* 'Let us all now, all good people, be constant and faithful
> in the truth from now on/in the future' TH 54a.
> Another well-attested expression for 'hereafter, in the future' is *wosa
> hebma*:
> *woge hemma why a wel map dev sur ov ysethe abarth dyov dyougel* 'in the
> future surely you will see the Son of God sitting on the right hand'  PC
> 1485-87
> *Eff a vith particularly disquethis ha settys in mes theugh wosa hemma, an
> severall maters the vos cryses ha practisis*
> *gans pub cristyan da oll, nan geffo den vith wosa hemma just cawse rag
> pretendia igorans* 'In articular the several matters to be believed and
> put into practice by all good Christian will be shown to you and set out for
> you hereafter, lest any one have just cause in the future to claim
> ignorance' TH 20
> *rag henna woza hemma in chast gwren ny kesvewa ha carnall ioye in bysma
> ny a vyn warbarth naha* 'therefore in future let us live chastely together
> and deny ourselves sexual pleasure together in this world' CW 1313-16
> *ef a ra oll desernya an pyth a vyth woza hemma kekefrys a throg ha da *'he
> will determine what will happen in the future of both bad an good' CW
> 1411-13
> *Benytha **woza hebma**  in ybbern y fyth gwelys an gabmthavas in teffry*'For ever in the future i'n the heavens will be seen the rainbow indeed' CW
> 2499-501
> *Andelna eu pe na veth nab peth gwrez lebben ita, n[a] scant vedna bose
> gwrez ugge hemma* 'so it is if nothing is done in it now, it will hardly
> be done in the future' Nebbaz Gerriau.
> Me a garse clôwes tybyans an esely erel.
> Nicholas
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