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A good phrase, I use it when I am thinking 'from now on'.
On 1 Kev 2010, at 12:05, nicholas williams wrote:

> In some cases the best translation for 'in the future' might be  
> alebma rag 'from now on, in future', cf.
> tru y disky aban reys alemma rag ny'm byth creys 'alas, since it is  
> necessary to take it of, in future I shall have no peace' RD 1959-60
> pan a dra a ren ny gwettyas theworth du alymma rag mar teny ha peha  
> hay ankevy eff 'what can we expect from God in the future, if we sin  
> and forget him?' TH 15a
> Gesowgh oll rancor, anger ha malice alemma rag the vos vtterly  
> banysshys theworthan ny 'Let all rancour, anger and malice be  
> utterly banished from us in future' TH 30
> ha na venny alemma rag kepar ha flehes ow shackya gans pub waffe, na  
> bos ledys gans pub blast a thyscans
>  'and so that we in the future will not be like children shaking  
> with every breeze, nor led by each gust of doctrine' TH 42
> Gesowgh ny lymmyn, tus vas oll, alemma rag the vos constant ha  
> feithfull in gwryoneth 'Let us all now, all good people, be constant  
> and faithful in the truth from now on/in the future' TH 54a.

Ray Chubb


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