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While Nicholas' suggested rewording "…an fordh dhe + verb-noun…" is,  
of course, unobjectionable, it may not be necessary. After all, his  
Dictionary (2006) offers this entries

deal. I didn't know how to deal with him. me ny wodhyen gul dhodho
get. I know how to get round her. me a wor hy dynya

These suggest one may not need to use fatel in Cornish.

hint. I know how to take a hint. me a wor fatel y gonvedhes:
tether. I am at the end of my tether. ny won fatel gul nessa

…while these clearly show fatel + verb-noun (it's simple to rephrase  
the first example as me a wor fatel convedhes an venen).  
Interestingly, the 2nd example shows no lenition after fatel.

On the basis of these paradigms, MAGA's translation might be recast as  

An trenyans a wra mires orth gul keswelyow, trehi rekordyansow, gul  

…or, bearing in mind the advice of Nance (1938) sub fatel (fatel is  
not used twice in one sentence)…
An trenyans a wra mires orth fatel gul keswelyow, trehi rekordyansow,  
gul townlen.

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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On 14 Kev 2010, at 18:41, nicholas williams wrote:

> In a recent email from the Partnership about training sessions for  
> Radyo an Gernewegva the following occurs:
> The training will cover how to interview people, how to edit  
> material, how to put a programme together…
> This is rendered in Cornish as:
> An trenyans a wra mires orth fatel wul keswelyow, fatel drehi  
> rekordyansow, fatel wul towlen…
> In all three cases fatel 'how' is being used with lenition before a  
> verbal noun. In the texts, however, fatel (fatell, fetel) is used
> only before a finite verb. I can find no exceptions in 199 instances.

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