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I would suggest that the Partnership were trying to say the following. (I write it in my own experimental orthography):

<An darbaresygeth a ȝesk ȝyugh an connyk ha cusullyow rak kesweles pobel, godrehy recordyansow, gul toulennow, ....>

"The training (will) teach(s) to you the skill and procedures for the interviewing of people, the trimming of recordings, the 

making of programs, ...."

I think that <fatell> (stressed on the second syllable) could be <forth dell>, as suggested. However, <fatla> also means "how". 

<fatla dell> might also give <fatel> (stressed on the first syllable.)


Andrew J. Trim

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In a recent email from the Partnership about training sessions for Radyo an Gernewegva the following occurs: 

The training will cover how to interview people, how to edit material, how to put a programme together…

This is rendered in Cornish as:

An trenyans a wra mires orth fatel wul keswelyow, fatel drehi rekordyansow, fatel wul towlen…

In all three cases fatel 'how' is being used with lenition before a verbal noun. In the texts, however, fatel (fatell, fetel) is used
only before a finite verb. I can find no exceptions in 199 instances.

If one wants to say 'how to do' something in traditional Cornish, one has, I think, to say 'the way to do something' and one uses fordh dhe (forth the), fordh rag (forth rag). Here are three examples:

rag henna ze bob dyzgthtya forth a rug the vos sylwys 'therefore he did prepare a way for all men to be saved' PA 7d
lemman na veny lezys nyng es forth ze omweze 'now there is no way for us to protect ourselves that we be not killed' PA 245 d
ny a vyn ompredery forth rag y treyla defry 'we will consider a way to make him change his mind indeed' BM 2857-58.

Perhaps the English, The training will cover how to interview people, how to edit material, how to put a programme together…
might be translated:

An trenyans a wra mires orth an fordh dhe wul keswelyow, dhe drehi rekordyansow, ha dhe wul towlen… (An trênyans a wra meras orth an fordh dhe wil keswelyow, dhe drehy recordyansow, ha dhe wil towlen…).

Can any one suggest a better way of translating the sentence into Cornish?


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