[Spellyans] <l>, <ll>, and <lh> in Sacrament an Alter (1576)

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Tregear writes <pelha> x 12 and <pella>  and <pelha> x 18.
In TH <lh> and <ll> would seem to be interchangeable graphs.

Nicholas Boson writes <telhar> x 4 in Nebbaz Gerriau, but <tellar> in  
JCH. For Boson <lh> and <ll> appear
to be interchangeable graphs.

The scribe of BK writes <uhella> x 2.  He writes <uhelha> x 5. For the  
scribe of BK <lh> and <ll> seem to be

The first chapter of Genesis by John Keigwin (?) writes <andellha Eth  
o> 'and it was so' x 1; <andellha eth o> x 2 but he also writes  
<andella eth o> x 1. He also writes <gwellaz troua Daa> 'saw that it  
was good'  x 1, <wellhaz trova da> x 1 and <wellhaz treuah dah> x 1.  
He also writes <deew a wellaz keneffra tra> 'saw everything' x 1.  
<llh> and <ll> would seem to be interchangeable graphs to him.

Rowe writes <an Stearan a reeg an Gye gwellhaz en East> 'the star  
which they saw in the East'. But he also writes <Perêg an Gye gwellaz  
an Steran> 'when they saw the star'. For Rowe <llh> and <ll> seem to  
be interchangeable.

The above are only a handful of examples. I am yet to be convinced  
that in Middle and Late Cornish <lh>/ <llh> and <ll> represented  
different sounds.


On 23 Gor 2010, at 23:03, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> “I see that Nicholas has replied to my short paper on the Spellyans  
> list. Unfortunately there is no single list or forum that he and I  
> are both subscribed to, so I will have to answer here.
> "Albert says that <lh> is only ever written in SA for /l+h/ or /ll 
> +h/. This may be true in SA, but it is not true in MC as a whole. I  
> have counted <ellas> ‘alas’ 82 times in the texts. <elhas> occurs 21  
> times. It would be rash to suggest, then, that <lh> and <ll> are  
> phonetically distinct in Middle Cornish."

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