[Spellyans] <l>, <ll>, and <lh> in Sacrament an Alter (1576)

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Sat Jul 24 17:25:22 BST 2010

This is outside of my competences, however it strikes me that the spelling
in CW <ethlays> would perhaps suggest an attempt to produce a Welsh 'll'
voiceless lateral fricative sound, but perhaps less pronounced than in


On 23 July 2010 17:43, nicholas williams <njawilliams at gmail.com> wrote:

> CW doesn't appear to distinguish /l:/ from /l/, since it writes <wellas>
> for <welas> 'saw'. But so does does Tregear. Tregear sometimes writes
> <pella> (x 17)  but he also writes <pelha> (x 13). CW writes <ethlays>
> 'alas' at CW 1040. This seems to be a back-spelling for *<elhâs>. It would
> seem that CW has lost the distinction /l: ~ l/ but still has /lh/. In which
> one might expect either *<na felha> or <na *fethla> in CW. But CW always
> writes <na fella> 'no longer'.
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