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Chris Parkinson brynbow at btinternet.com
Mon Jun 14 17:29:03 BST 2010

I have subscribed to the Spellyans list rather late in the day mainly because points of particular interest to me have arisen recently. But first to introduce myself: I live in Gwynedd and began learning Cornish with Dick Gendall's An Curnoack Hethow (plus tapes) in the mid nineties. I have not become a much of a speaker through lack of practice here. But I speak and read Welsh which has helped me to read RLC, UCR and KS. I am now retired. I have a qualification in Linguistics and in the teaching of English L2. I have studied child language acquisition both as L! and L2 and have supported our children in becoming bilingual. I have also taught Welsh to adults at evening class, and in less formal contexts. My interest now is in discussing how Cornish should be taught i.e. in what registers, to which groups and in what othography. Or to put it differently, how best can spoken Cornish be written?
Gen oll an colan ve,  Chris. 
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