[Spellyans] An SWF glossary

Christian Semmens christian.semmens at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 21:06:12 BST 2010

I don't believe the current SWF/T form is acceptable, neither do I think it
was ever intended to be. The strictures placed against it only exacerbate
this. It is an orthographic ghetto.

I also do not believe thet UC wil ever return from the twilight it finds
itself in. The errors and the inability to change or lack of will to correct
them led to the schism and has brought it to the place where it now resides.
If UC was the way forward, we'd be there by now.

In the end the SWF could give us a way out, but at the moment it is simply
KK with a veil over it.

With the bickering we've seen here recently I am beginning to despair. The
KK phonology may be on the back burner, but we have seen Albert saying that
SWF/KK can accommodate the KK phonology, so it hasn't gone, it has simply
been hidden. The SWF is largely KK in spelling thanks to Trond. So we have
toppled KK and replaced it with... KK's twin brother and the stunted dwarf
SWF/T that has to live in the attic so no one sees it.

Where does that leave us? From the way some people have been acting recently
that leaves us with UC (until the current users die), whatever the late
people are cooking up this week and the SWF/T ghetto. That means ultimately
no traditional forms in (with the greatest of respect) not a very great
period of time.

KS allows us to attempt to get the SWF/T into shape, but only if we pull
together. Otherwise we might as well all take our toys home and leave the KK
mess to rule the day.

I'm not happy with all of KS, particularly the diaresis. I would prefer this
to be a didactic device or just have multiple spellings for the bys/bes
words noted in a dictionary. I am also not really concerned with the
apostrophe issue as I don't see that the inadequacies of software should
inform orthographic standards. These things are not insurmountable and we
need to remember why we are here.

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