[Spellyans] An SWF glossary & Unified versus SWF

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Wed Jun 9 08:17:06 BST 2010

On 8 Efn 2010, at 22:30, Christian Semmens wrote:

> Don't get me wrong, I like UC, I like its aesthetic, I also  
> appreciate the warm place it has in many hearts, but its days are  
> passed as the primary vehicle for written Cornish. It served its  
> purpose fairly well, but its downfall came with the rigidity of  
> those who failed to adapt when its inadequacies became too much for  
> many to bear. It had a brief chance in the 90s with UCR, but again  
> the chance was lost with the failure to adapt, with users sticking  
> doggedly to the original ossified form.

Much of the reason for this was the fact that the Cornish Language  
Board would not allow their exams to be taken in UCR.  If the Language  
Board feared UCR so much that tells us that it has got something worth  
hanging on to.

Ray Chubb


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