[Spellyans] UCR-Best orthography, richest vocabulary?

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Thanks, Eddie!

I should probably have been able to work that out from the graphics, myself but failed miserably! It begins to make some sense of the story, now. 
'Hunros heb ober yu hunros y-honen' as one of the lines in the book says!

Synsys of vy dhys! 
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    ... what does 'pylarluth' mean, for goodness sake?! Can't find it in any of my vocabularies, very frustrating!

  It's a home-made compound; look in Nance 1938:

  pyllen. fringe, rag, frayed cloth
  arluth. lord

  Thus, 'The Rag Lord' (although I don't think any of the dictionaries give 'pyl' as the collective form  of 'pyllen' !)

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