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All the other words in -ador have unassibilated -d-:

gweader 'weaver' Gwavas
gynnadar 'sower' Lhuyd
pehadur 'sinner' PA, TH
puscador  TH 'fisherman'; pysgadar Lhuyd; poscaders Rowe
selwadour BM 'saviour'; sylwador PC; sylwadur RD; sylwader RD
salvador 'saviour' CW

There are no other agent formations in Cornish that end in *-ajer, *- 
ajor. On phonetic grounds alone we can be sure, I believe, that Lhuyd  
invented the word deskadzher, which he uses to mean 'professor,  
doctor' rather than 'teacher'. It occurs twice in the phrase an  
Deskadzher Davies. The only word for 'teacher' in traditional Cornish  
seems to be Tregear's dyskar.

The Brythonic word for 'four' has a masculine and a feminine form. The  
masculine peswar quite regularly assibilates the d in the cluster - 
dw-; cf. caswyth, aswy. The feminine form with -d- between vowels with  
a following r is regularly left unassibilated.

As for indirect questions: the only way to determine whether to use  
mar or a, is to collect all the examples from the texts. I haven't the  
time at the moment.


On 18 Efn 2010, at 19:03, Chris Parkinson wrote:

> But how do you know that Lhuyd invented  'deskadzher'? He might have  
> been told  what the word for 'teacher'  was!

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