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I attempt as far as possible to use the language of Tregear, BM, and  
CW with additions from Rowe and Nicholas Boson.
If a word is attested in Old Cornish or PA but not later, I use the  
later word.
That is why, for example, I use rom 'room' not stevel (which is  
attested once only in OCV).
My preference is for the language of the texts rather than for some  
reCelticised fantasy.

You are right of course about pronouns/adjectives. One sometimes, for  
example, sees oll anedha 'all of them' instead of the more
Cornish y oll. With no native speakers to imitate, writing and  
speaking Cornish is difficult. That is why, in my view, constantly  
the surviving texts is so important. Since Tregear's homilies are by  
far the longest prose text and indeed the longest text of any kind,  
they are, it seems to me, of crucial importance. Tregear knew Cornish  
far better than we, and if he used borrowings, then perhaps there is  
nothing wrong with our doing likewise.


On 18 Efn 2010, at 21:45, ewan wilson wrote:

>  is your own guiding principle usually to prefer the Late borrowed  
> item, or only if the 'purer' term has dropped away?

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