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I've even heard people pronounce it as "ow", as though they've stubbed  
their toe!  I always pronounce final -ow, in plurals and in words like  
Kernow, as "au" (something like the 'ou' in the American pronunciation  
of 'thought', or between 'au' and 'ah').  I pronounce the particle ow  
as a shorter version of that.  Kernow I pronounce (roughly): "kair'- 
nau" (although I've heard 'ker'noe', without a pronounced R and with  
an awful Received English oe)


On 22 Efn 2010, at 09:27, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 22 Jun 2010, at 08:13, Chris Parkinson wrote:
>> Thankyou for your reply, Michael. The problem with writing "ow" and  
>> saying you should pronounce it schwa is that most people, on seeing  
>> "ow" immediately pronounce it "oh", the old UC pronounciation.
> You are making a claim about what "most people" do.
>> KK, UCR, RLC, Lhuyd, KS and  SWF on the other hand all describe  
>> this diphthong as starting from a short form of the vowel in  
>> English 'for', 'law' etc gliding to 'w'.
> I write it as [oʊ]~[ə]. I do not write it as [ɔʊ]
>> The English diphthong in "oh", "boat" etc. starts from schwa and  
>> glides to 'w'.
> In some dialects, it is [əʊ], yes.
>> Does this matter?
> No, because the rule to be taught is that the particle is rarely if  
> ever stressed, and it should usually be pronounced [ə].
>> It gets worse when the English "oh" pronunciation is transferred to  
>> Cornish words ending in "o" which does not represent a diphthong at  
>> all. But I speak from a Welsh perspective. Here, the use of the  
>> English sound system when speaking Welsh or just used in place  
>> names, can be considered something of an insult.
> Diphthongization of stressed vowels in Cornish is the one aspect of  
> Revivalist pronunciation which needs serious attention.
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