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Me a’ga cavas et o’ gerlever vy seulabres! Gromercy dhew’ rag an manylyon ma! Eus dhew’ cottha letherenansow rag “Crawle” y’wedh?



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“The Cornish for this is 'yorgh' (as in Carnyorth).  Most dictionaries give the plural *yorghes (which I don't think is attested) but a single place-name - now horribly distorted to Lanjeth, gives a genuine alternative: yergh  (the name is nans + yergh).  This echoes the alternative plurals for 'horse: mergh and marghes.  A roe deer fawn is yorghell - from the place name Crawle < ker yorghell.  We should include these words.


Craig Weatherhill”


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