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Thank you for your permission and for your comments.

The purpose of my posting was to illustrate Xirwena typeface.

My orthography is experimental, and it can be changed. I would like to be able to distinguish between ow "my" and o'  "-ing". I would rather not use a hyphen (ow- "-ing") as in Cornish Simplified, and I don't want to use another diacritical mark (e.g. òw). I could use ow, ou or ov for either "my" or "-ing" if o' is out of favour. If I make ow "-ing" which do you recommend for "my" for my orthography, and what does KS do?


Andrew J. Trim 

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My translation is there to be used. Anyone can do as he or she wishes with it.
My only quibble with your orthography is this: you use what is essentially an Middle Cornish spelling,
but you write the "participle" particle <o' >.
The Middle Cornish spelling is always <ow>, <ou> or <ov>, and <ow> is by far the most frequent. <O> is Late Cornish and is not as common as <a> for this morpheme.


On 29 Est 2010, at 09:21, A. J. Trim wrote:

  Apologies to Nicholas. I have re-spelt his fine translation


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