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These are my comments:

SWF Glossary

The word *crogbren, *crogbrennyer is unattested. The form cloghbrennyer (plural) on the other hand is well attested:

ty a crek in cloghprennyer BM 923
in cloghprennyer pur certen oma y fetheth cregys BM 1241-42
ha dha an klox-prednier dzhyi a ve lediyz JCH §29.

Crogbren in my view should be removed.

Lhuyd also gives dzharn s.v. HORTUS AB: 293. Jarn also occurs in place-names (see Padel: 141). Jarn should be added.

It is good to see that the compilers of the SWF glossary cite two names for Germany.
Almayn is attested once (RD 2148). Germany is used twice by Tregear (TH 32, 49a) and
is also attested in BK: the whelas myns a geffa a bagans in Germany BK 3231-32.
The glossary, however, spells the word <Germany>. According to the rules of the SWF
this is to be pronounced [ger'mani]. Is this what the compilers mean?
Why do they write <Germany> rather than <Germani>?

I don’t know *kengrel f. It isn’t attested anywhere. 

The distinction between owrek and owryek is spurious. Owrek is unattested; owryek is attested at SA 66 where it is used as a translation of Chrysostom.

Glotny should be included:

Gans gloteny ef pan welas cam na ylly y dolla PA 13a
mar a callaf y tenne the wuel glotny war nep tw PC 51-2
envy, murdyr, methewnep, glotny ha re an par ma TH 16a.

Add the verb gwardya:

Ny wothys gwardya preson BK 527.

Add gylty:

ef ew gilty an Corf han gos agen arluth Christ SA 61
eth ew ef gilty an gos agen arluth Dew SA 61.

I have shown in a forthcoming article for CS that in Middle Cornish the word for ‘hand’ was dorn and the plural was dewla.

add mery:

ny a yl bos fest mery OM 2466
Ov lich kyng bethugh mery BM 292
mage fery avel hok BM 1901
te a yll bos pur verry CW 692.

Powes an golon means ‘the heart attack’. Rewrite as powes colon.

kekesow doesn’t mean ‘heath’; it means ‘Cornish heath’ (Erica vagans). The word is attested only in Cornu-English dialect as kekezza. This is almost certainly a corruption in English of Cornish clegh pl.  kesow ‘bells of the turbary’ 

The plural *chiow is unattested. The plural of chy is treven:

Neb a garra y das po y vam, y vab po y virth, chy, trevyn po tyrryow, moy agesa ve TH 21a
Ny dale dieu gwile treven war an treath JJenkins
Ko oagoaze tha e drevon ha bethow why looan TBoson
Domus…Tshyi [plur. Treven] AB: 55c.

-jy, -jiow is necessary in compounds, but the use of *chiow for the plural of the simplex should be discouraged.

add pana lies:

Pan a lyas gwethfas a ve gesys heb confort TH 40a
pan lyas flogh omthevas a ve gesys heb confort na succur TH 40a
pan lyas testament ha blonogath an marow a ve tyrrys TH 40a

‘how many times’ add pana lowr torn:

so nynso ef methek the confessia y pehosow, pan lowar turne a rug eff ernestly ha lamentably desyrya an mercy a thu TH 8a.

add the noun fysky. ‘What’s the hurry?’ is pandr’yw an fysky?

prag pendryv an fesky us genes han terlemel BM 2099-100.

Also gour ty

attebres ty ha’th worty a’n wethen ha’y avalow y fyeugh yn surredy yn vr-na avel dewow OM 175-78
Neb a’m gruk vy ha’m gorty ef a ruk agan dyfen OM 181-82
hag inweth gvra the’th worty may tebro ef annotho OM 199-200
nefre gustyth th’y gorty me a orden bos benen OM 295-96
rag ty tha gulla ortye ha tulla tha bryas leel nefra gostyth thy gorty me a ordayne bos benyn CW 892-95

Dremas is also used to mean ‘husband’:

rewhy ran thages dremas po an vyadge ny dale tra CW 679-80
tha dastya an keth avall haw dremas a wor thym grace CW 706-07 
Bennen vâz ha dremaz — The good woman and the good man i.e. the bride and bridegroom ACB F f v.

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