[Spellyans] An Beybel Sans

Ken MacKinnon ken at ferintosh.org
Fri Aug 5 12:27:43 BST 2011

Michael, Nicholas, hag oll,


My copy of An Beybel Sans has just arrived ( within the past hour).


Many I re-iterate my congratulations to you both on this magnificent


This is truly a landmark event in  the story of the Cornish language, and it
does great credit on the diligence and efficacy of the translator, and the
skills and enterprise of the producers to have brought this production into


This will open new doors for the language and provide a new vessel for the
work of the Holy Spirit.


As an old lady was recorded as saying when the Manx bible arrived in her
parish, 'The light has arrived for our people.'


Gans pub bednath dheugh-why oll - An ken ken

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