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Fri Dec 30 16:14:26 GMT 2011

Lowen of deryvas bos gans G an O nebes dyllansow noweth flam rak Nadelek ha'n Vledhen Noweth. Y'ga mysk yma deu lyver pryntyes (dhe brena), kefrys ha bush a daclow tredanegek dhe yscarga hep cost.

I'm delighted to announce that G an O has some brand-new publications for Christmas and the New Year. Amongst them are two printed books (for purchase), as well as a bunch of other electronic goodies available for free download.

• (24a) Carol Nadelek / A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens
	Illustrations in greyscale by Arthur Rackham, tr. Ray Chubb (KUa/UCr, Sawsnek), ed. EF Climo. 80ff/pp, £5.95
This is the first edition of the work in Cornish, featuring Charles Dickens' own abridgement of the story, in parallel with a fine Cornish translation. This format makes it suitable both for Intermediate learners as well as more fluent Kernewegoryon.

	• To go with it, there's a free bilingual e-book (24b) of all Arthur Rackham's illustration in full colour, along with the hand-coloured engraving from the the 1st edition by John Leech.

• (23a) An Noswyth kens Nadelek / 'T was the Night before Christmas. Clement Clarke Moore
	Illustrations in greyscale by Arthur Rackham, tr, Ef Climo & NJA Williams (KU, KS, Sawsnek), ed. EF Climo. 36ff/pp, £4.95
We're proud to present the first edition of this work in Cornish and, in addition to the original English, it has two translations: one in UC the editor, and one in KS by Nicholas Williams. The English text and the UC Glossary should make it accessible to most Cornish learners.

To go with this printed book version, there are (currently) 9 free electronic editions, comprising:
	• (23b) a bilingual e-book of Print-It-Yourself Christmas cards (UC+English)
	• (23c) a bilingual e-book of the poem (UC + English)
	• (23d)a short Cornish film of the poem
	• (23e) a short English film of the poem
	• (23f) Cornish audio podcast of the poem
	• (23g) a bilingual e-book of the poem (UC + Norwegian)
	• (23h) a bilingual e-book of the poem (UC + French)
	• (23i) a bilingual e-book of the poem (UC + German)
	• (23j) a bilingual e-book of the poem (UC + Italian)

All our books, printed and electronic, are available from our website: 
Our printed books are also available from Spyrys a Gernow: 
	shoppa at spyrys.org
Our films are available free from our YouTube channel:
The audio podcast has yet to find a home on the Web (any offers?), but I'll happily e-mail a copy on request.

We've expressed our thanks (in tangible form) to all our readers with this selection of free downloads. They also mark the end of a second productive year for GanO, and we look forward to what's coming for 2012.

Bledhen Nowyth sowyn dheugh why oll, a gowetha!

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
	Gwask an Orlewen
		"Kernewek Gwyr—nyns us nahen!"
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