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   The SWF gives lewyow for the plural and the verbal nouns lewya and lewa (RLC), so it would make sense to assume that lew should be a permitted variant. According to Schrijver this word can be grouped in the same category as clew, clewes and goes back to PIE *pleu- ‘float, sail’ > PBr *luu̯i̯o- or *luu̯ī- giving W llyw, OC leu, B lev-, V leù; Schrijver says the Welsh development differs vis à vis the Cornish and Breton development by -uu̯i̯o- ~ -uu̯ī- > LPBr *ɪw by i-affection rather than C/B -uu̯i̯o- ~ -uu̯ī- > -ou̯i- > SW-LPBr *ew. Hence we should have SWF lew like clew.

   OC leu from L leo is correctly lew in the SWF, though lion should also be given.





From: Dr Jon Mills 
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“The SWF gives LYW for 'rudder' and gives LEW for 'lion'. The attestations for these two items are as follows.

LYW: 'rudder', Old Cornish:  "clavus: leu pi obi" [Vocabularium Cornicum: 282];  Lhuyd (1707)  "lêụ" [48b]; "lêu" [16b]; "Lêụ gụrhal The rudder of a ship" [48b].

LEW: 'lion', Old Cornish:  "leo: leu" [Vocabularium Cornicum: 560]; Lhuyd (1707)  "lêụ" [241b]; "† lhêụ" [78a].

Given that the attestations for these two items are identical, should we not spell these words the same way, i.e. <lew>?

Note: I am aware that Middle Cornish does not attest LEW and instead uses "lyon".

Ol an gwella,


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