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On 2011 Whe 20, at 11:00, Michael Everson wrote:
> ... In my article "'An event of great signicance' [sic]: Review of George's Gerlyver Kres", I wrote:…"Perthi kov" cannot be used in a phrase such as "remember vy dhe’th whor" ‘remember me to your sister’

Really? Although I've never come across the idiom usd in this way, it would seem reasonable to say, "Porth cof ahanaf dhe'th whor." But perhaps this has the wrong idiomatic flavour in Cornish.

However, it appears you've fallen into the common trap for the inexperienced translator, that of attempting a too literal rendering of one language's idiom into another's. I still fall into that one occasionally, even after all the translating I've done!

Nance (1938, 1952) offers us this more native possibility:
gorhemmyn. … send greeting (J.Boson), they send remebrances to you [1952 sub. remember. they wish to be remembered to you.] ymons-y ow-corhemmyn dheugh-why.

This Cornish idiom would do the trick, perhaps in some form such as:
Lavar dhe'th whor my dhe worhemmyn dhedhy.

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