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Sun Jan 30 00:10:20 GMT 2011

On 2011 Gen 29, at 23:10, Michael Everson wrote:
> In KS … diacritical marks are not optional. They are a normal part of the orthography.


NO! I signed up to KS to be part of a process of discussion, out of which KS would emerge as a result of consensus amongst the members of the group. Until that consensus has been clearly ascertained, then there is *no* KS—there is nothing more than a set of proposed forms.

Let me emphasise this point: KS is NOT to be the product solely of what YOU say or what Nicholas or any other individual in this group says. If it were, then this whole group exercise would have been a mere sham.

I believe that Spellyans does yet not have any such clear consensus on this issue of diacritics. That is precisely why I started this thread. For that reason, I believe that you are acting inappropriately is stating as fact what KS *is*, rather than merely as what *you* would like it to be (if you are able to attract a consensus for your viewpoint).

I agree with the observation made by Christian. In my opinion as well, two of the diacritics *proposed* by Michael and Nicholas are redundant, namely the diaeresis to denote bys/bes words, and the circumflex when not used to show anomalous vowel length.

These 2 need to discarded from KS.

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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