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Ceri whek,

You make some good points. Whatever happens in 2013 will be influence by both linguistical and political arguments. Like it or lump it, politics will come into the equation. And, contrary to what some in this forum have asserted, we ARE in a popularity contest, at least in part; that's where the politics will—indeed, already has—come into play.

As I said earlier, I feel the linguistic arguments for mandatory non-optional diacritics are flawed.

It's a little early for a clear consensus to emerged yet from the views of members of Spellyans, although it does look thus far as if there is little support for Michael and Nicholas's unyielding approach to them. But there's little doubt that in the wider Cornish-speaking community that KS+mandatory-diacritics will not find widespread acceptance.

However, I believe that KS+optional-diacritics has a far better chance of having influence on the SWF Review process.


As an aside, one stumbling block to diacritics is their impact on typing speed. I've been using computers for decades, and have taught myself to touch-type (courtesy of dear Mavis Beacon!). In English or UC without diacritics, I normally hit about 60+ words a minute. Add in diacritics, though, and my speed drops way way down, despite the fact I've been keying them on Mac keyboards in French, German, Spanish, Welsh and Scots Gaelic (as well as UC+diacritics!) for up to 20 years! On Windows PCs I'm even slower!

In the books I write or publish, I have no objection to typing more slowly with diacritics when imputting a Gerva section to a book, or when copy-typing a facsimile of an older book that uses them (eg. 'Yn Kernewek Lavar E!' GanO 2010). The higher degree of precision (or authenticity) imparted by diacritics is appropriate in those circumstances, and I'm happy to spend the extra time needed. But not in the body of a new book, unless perhaps if it were for early readers.

In the body text of books for more fluent readers, Gwask an Orlewen will derogate from using diacritics, unless of course a writer wishes to input and proof-read them him-/herself.

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
Gwask an Orlewen
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