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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Sun Jan 30 20:44:59 GMT 2011

I doubt MAGA's intentions, to be honest.  They've totally sidelined  
trad. graphs thus far and I think they're guiding the SWF towards the  
return of KK in 2013.  I'd like to be proven wrong on that and, just  
maybe, Tuesday's meeting between Agan Tavas and MAGA might put things  
back on track.  I don't hold out hopes, though.  MAGA's accusation,  
that AT was not constructively contributing to the SWF was a  
disgrace.  We've published much SWF material as the rest of 'em put  
together!  If it goes badly, and we have to walk out, then I will be  
walking further.  Right away from the language altogether.  I've  
become sick and tired of battlefields.


On 30 Gen 2011, at 20:23, Eddie Climo wrote:

> Truru whek,
> What you say makes a lot of sense to me.
> Like it or lump it, for all its many flaws the SWF is here, and  
> probably here to stay.
> The worst outcome of 2013 that I can see would be the Trad forms of  
> the SWF being discarded or further sidelined, and the non-Trad  
> KKised form taking over.
> The outcome might become more likely to happen if:
> — the version of KS on offer is not acceptable to enough of the  
> Cornish-speaking community.
> 	That's why this thread is happening, in the hope of resolving this  
> problem.
> — no-one is teaching SWF-T
> 	There are some teachers in Cornwall using it.
> — nobody is publishing in SWF-T
> 	Agan Tavas and Evertype have done so. GanO are part-way through  
> publishing a series of readers in SWF-T, as well as some other titles.
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