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Hi Ray,

It simply needs a correct keyboard map, no expensive software. It shouldn't
even take too long to do.

I'll have a look and see what I can come up with.


2011/1/31 Ray Chubb <ray at spyrys.org>

> To first take Michael's point below.  He makes a very good case for showing
> diacritical marks in dictionaries and text books.
> And that is why we use diacritics, Ray. We write "Lûk" and "lùck", keeping
> their traditional word-shapes. If you want to show the linguistic
> distinctions (from *luk [lʏk]~[lɪk] for instance) without diacritics, then
> you have to resort to "Loek" or "Louk" and "loeck" or "louck".
> For showing diacritical marks everywhere, Eddie has hit the nail on the
> head.  No one has yet been able to demonstrate to me a speedy way of
> entering all the necessary diacritical marks at a reasonable typing rate.
>  Perhaps an expensive bit of software is required in which case type setters
> of simple Cornish short story books, magazines etc. will not put the marks
> in.
> On 30 Gen 2011, at 15:40, Eddie Climo wrote:
> As an aside, one stumbling block to diacritics is their impact on typing
> speed. I've been using computers for decades, and have taught myself to
> touch-type (courtesy of dear Mavis Beacon!). In English or UC without
> diacritics, I normally hit about 60+ words a minute. Add in diacritics,
> though, and my speed drops way way down, despite the fact I've been keying
> them on Mac keyboards in French, German, Spanish, Welsh and Scots Gaelic (as
> well as UC+diacritics!) for up to 20 years! On Windows PCs I'm even slower!
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