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So Wales essentially has the the founding designers of Unicode to blame for the 
marginalization the Welsh written forms and font availability then? Stranding ŵ 
& ŷ onto the last Latin 8 set (lumping it in with Manx & the glyphs for Old 
Irish) which too few font designers bother to work to? How 
horribly frustrating... 

Considering Wales just lost its campaign to secure the .cym top-domain name to 
the Cayman Islands, Wales has pretty much nothing to thank the IT world for, 
then. :o(

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On 31 Jan 2011, at 13:13, Ceri Young wrote:

> It is a problem Michael, but the Welsh Language Board was appointed to address 
>this sort of thing within its remit to "promote and facilitate" the use of the 
>Welsh language.

Obviously they are not in a position to lobby thousands of font designers about 
tens of thousands of fonts. 

> I'm not sure how instrumental they ever were in getting ŷ & ŵ glyphs into the 
>Unicode/UTF-8 character set (I know they've been badgering Microsoft & Apple for 
>years) but plainly more needs to be done to promote the accommodation of these 
>forms among font designers and online font marketplaces.

Those characters were in Unicode from the beginning. I myself was responsible 
for http://www.evertype.com/standards/iso8859/8859-14-en.pdf a part of ISO/IEC 
8859 which was probably hardly used by anyone. It does have some support in 
legacy conversion engines however. 

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