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I sent the following post to Spellyans, yesterday. If you did not get it, 
together with my  .zip  file, then the answer is "no":

Eddie has said that his typing speed really drops, when using a PC, when he 
needs to type diacritical marks. I have developed a keyboard layout that may 
help. See attached.

This works on a PC with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 – assuming 
that you are currently using an English (Great Britain) keyboard layout. It 
partially works on Windows 2000. It won’t work unless you are currently 
using a British machine. It won’t work with Macintoshes, and it won’t work 
with Linux.

Unzip the attached. Read the Readme.txt file.


Andrew J. Trim

Well, that was yesterday. My   .zip  file is called "Keyboard Cornish 
Layout04". I have now placed it on my Microsoft Windows Live Sky Drive, and 
have made it "Public". I'll send you the link in a separate e-mail. If you 
try mine, I'll be glad to try yours! I'm sure that we will both learn 
something. It would be good to find something similar for Linux. I have PCs 
running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux Mint 10.0. 
Unfortunately, I do not have access to a Macintosh machine.


Andrew J. Trim

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I have created a Cornish keyboard layout (well, a Celtic one really,
as i believe I've included all the diacritics necessary for all six
Celtic languages) for Windows. I took the UK keyboard layout as a base
and added AltGr combinations and a few dead keys. Is there anyone on
the list who would be willing to be a guinea pig and test it out for
me? I'd be glad for feedback.

Does the Spellyans list accept attachments on emails sent to it? I've
got the whole thing in a ZIP file.



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