[Spellyans] Cornish keyboard layout

Thomas Leigh callanish at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 22:08:41 GMT 2011

Attached (hopefully) to this email is a ZIP file containing my
keyboard layout for Cornish and the other Celtic languages. If it
makes it through to the list, I'd be grateful for any feedback or
suggestions. It's working for me in Windows 7. I'd be glad if anyone
would be willing to try it out in XP or Vista as well.

EDIT: Gmail refuses to send attachments containing executable files
(in this case, the Windows setup file). The ZIP file can be downloaded
from http://www.mermaid-productions.com/miscjunk/layouts/cornish_uk.zip.

I've taken Microsoft's standard UK keyboard layout as base. To this I
have added the following:


` is the dead key for the grave accent; in other words, to get a vowel
with a grave accent, first hit `, then the letter you want. For
example, ` + e gives è. If you need the character `, type ` followed
by a space.
AltGr (Right Alt) + ; is the dead key for the diaeresis (I chose this
because the key has ; and : on it, so I figured that was reminiscent
of the diaeresis).
AltGr + 6 is the dead key for the circumflex accent (the ^ hopefully
serving as a reminder).
AltGr + / is the dead key for the acute accent (for Irish; again, I
chose this thinking that / was reminiscent of the acute).

In addition, there are the following options, which cut out a
keystroke for a few common characters:

AltGr + a gives â.
AltGr + e gives ë.
AltGr + i gives î.
AltGr + o gives ò.
AltGr + u gives ù.
AltGr + y gives ÿ.

Some further characters available in this way are:

AltGr + c gives ç (for Manx).
AltGr + n gives ñ (for Breton).
AltGr + f gives the fi ligature, assuming the font has it (for good
AltGr + F (that is, AltGr + shift + f) gives the fl ligature (likewise).


AltGr + ' gives ’ (apostrophe or right single quotation mark).
AltGr + @ (AltGr + shift + ') gives ‘ (left single quotation mark).
AltGr + [ gives “ (left double quotation mark).
AltGr + ] gives ” (right rouble quotation mark).
AltGr + { gives « (left guillemot).
AltGt + } gives » (right guillemot).

AltGr + - gives — (em dash).
AltGr + _ gives – (en dash).

AltGr + = gives × (multiplication sign)
AltGr + + (that is, AltGr and plus, or AltGr + shift + =) gives ÷
(division sign).

AltGr + s gives § (section sign)
AltGr + p gives ¶ (paragraph sign)
AltGr + 0 (AltGr and zero) gives ° (degree sign)
AltGr + b gives • (bullet)
AltGr + d gives † (single dagger)
AltGr + D gives ‡ (double dagger)
AltGr + . gives … (horizontal ellipsis)
AltGr + x gives © (copyright sign — I already used AltGr + c for ç, so
I figured AltGr + the letter adjacent to C was the next best thing).

I believe that's everything. I included a bunch of the above (such as
the paragraph, section, bullet and dagger signs) wanting to make it
easier for people who might be typing up textbooks, reference material
or the like, in which those symbols commonly appear. If anyone would
like my original .klc file (that is, the Microsoft Keyboard Layout
Creator source file) to look at or modify, just drop me a note and
I'll be glad to send it along.

Again, I'll be grateful for any feedback, whether on the list or private.


>> -----Original Message----- From: Thomas Leigh
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>> Subject: [Spellyans] Cornish keyboard layout
>> I have created a Cornish keyboard layout (well, a Celtic one really,
>> as i believe I've included all the diacritics necessary for all six
>> Celtic languages) for Windows. I took the UK keyboard layout as a base
>> and added AltGr combinations and a few dead keys. Is there anyone on
>> the list who would be willing to be a guinea pig and test it out for
>> me? I'd be glad for feedback.
>> Does the Spellyans list accept attachments on emails sent to it? I've
>> got the whole thing in a ZIP file.
>> Regards,
>> Thomas
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