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The customary word for ‘enjoy’ in revived Cornish is omlowenhe, which is used as a transitive verb, e.g. me a wra omlowenhe an ilow ‘I shall enjoy the music’.
*Omlowenhe is an invention of Nance and is not attested anywhere. Lowenhe mean ‘rejoice’ and is common, being attested 19 times. Rejoycya is also attested five times in TH and CW.

The only word for ‘enjoy’ attested in the texts is enjoya:

myns a vynna inioya an meritys ay pascion TH 12a
ny rowng enioya gwlas neff TH 16a
rag enioya an myrnans han pascion a crist TH 16a.

Notice that Tregear uses ‘enjoy’ in the sense of ‘take advantage of the benefits of’ rather ‘derive pleasure from’. If one does wish to use the English borrowing enjoya, one might say, for example, Me a gafas meur a blêsour dhyworth an cana ‘I greatly enjoyed the singing’. I am just very unhappy about using the unattested (reflexive) omlowenhe as a transitive verb. 

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