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While working through the SWF glossary alphabetically, I took a break and noticed the following entries:

process argerdh m., argerdhow
proclaim vb gwarnya
proclamation n. gwarnyans m., gwarnyansow.

Argerdh first appeared in George's GKK of 1993, where the neologism was ascribed to Tony Snell.
In French procès is a legal term, which in Breton is prosez. In Cornish it would surely be better to use the
English word. Tregear uses process:

An kyth processe ma an scripture an gefas lyas cyrcumstans the vos notyys TH 43
y ma eff ow kull largy processe a pedyr TH 46
ha agy the proces a dyrmyn TH 49a
goodly ha largy processe ow tochia thin sacrament ma TH 53a
ha in oll an processe ma ny gus matter vith rag agan discans ny TH 53a.

Argerdh is unattested; it is also unnecessary. At the very least the glossary should have cited process.

Gwarnya is a borrowing from English. It does not mean 'to proclaim' but 'to warn' and 'to summon'. 
One could not say, for example, ev a veu *gwarnys an gwainyor 'he was proclaimed winner'.

Declarya is used about 28 times by Tregear and SA to mean 'declare, proclaim'. Moreover declaracion, declarasion is attested five times.
Declarya, declaracyon should replace gwarnya, gwarnyans in this glossary as Cornish words for 'proclaim' and 'proclamation'.


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