[Spellyans] candlestick

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 16:42:49 BST 2011

Under ‘candlestick’ the glossary gives cantolbren and says the plural in RLC is cantolbrednyer. I don’t think so.  Cantolbren is a respelling of cantulbren ‘candelabrum’ in the OCV. The Middle Cornish development is coltrebyn: ny yll kantyll bos annowys ha gorys in dan busshell, mas war coltrebyn bo chandeler TH 17a. Coltrebyn should be used in preference to cantolbren in both MCR and LCR. The plural is *coltrebynnyer, *coltrebydnyer. The glossary’s *cantolbrednyer is without justification.

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