[Spellyans] tavas in early Middle Cornish

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 17:14:12 BST 2011

So the SWF has kelyn 'puppies', but melin 'mill', though they rhyme perfectly.
The SWF has kegin 'kitchen' but megyn 'we smoke' though they are an exact rhyme.
On the other hand the SWF cannot distinguish cost 'coast' from cost 'cost',
nor can it tell pur 'snot' from pur 'pure'. 

Etymological spellings are unhelpful.


On 2011 Gor 13, at 17:04, Michael Everson wrote:

> The "reason" is claimed to be "etymological reconstruction" but as often as not it is just a reflection of distinctions made in Welsh or in Breton, imposed on Cornish by someone who admired those distinctions. 

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