[Spellyans] tavas in early Middle Cornish

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Notice also that the attested Cornish of Welsh cegid 'hemlock' < Latin cicuta, is kegaz AB: 16b, 28a.
One would expect the reflex of Latin cicuta to appear as *kegys in Middle Cornish. If there really had been a  stable distinction between MC -ys and -as, Lhuyd's kegaz (< MC kegas) would never have appeared. But Lhuyd is emphatic that the unstressed syllable in kegaz is indeed -a- because at AB: 16b Lhuyd cites the pair Welsh kegid, Cornish kegaz under the heading "I. chang'd into A."


On 2011 Gor 13, at 21:26, Jed Matthews wrote:

> A useful distinction is that the y in lebmyn can be both ɨ and ə, but the i in kegin cannot be ə. If the SWF had kegyn, LC speakers might pronounce the y as ə, causing incorrect pronunciation.

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