[Spellyans] tavas in early Middle Cornish

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Yes indeed.

'self' is variously spelt honon, honan, honen but the commonest spelling is honyn (x 161)

'Peter' is pedar x 7; peder x 15, and pedyr x 89

'people' is spelt pobal x 1; pobel x 17; popel x 5; pobyl x 15; pobyll x 11; pobil x 5; pobill x 29; poble x 22. The spellings as poble are LC, but
they seem to imply that the unstressed syllable was schwa. The preponderance of MC spellings as pobil, pobyl, however, imply
that the vowel was unstressed short i or schwi.

Lemmyn 'now' is attested 133 times; lebmyn x 5 (I exclude Lhuyd's examples); lemmen x 23; lebmen x 5; lemman x 11. 

'written' in the texts is variously scriffes x 7; screffes x 1; screffez x 5; screffes 1; scryfys x 10; screfys x 2; scryffes x 1; skryffes x 2; scryffys x 4; screfis x 1; scryfis; skrefis x 1; 
Notice incidentally that the SWF form skryvys/scryvys is attested once only as skryves CW 2196. 


On 2011 Gor 13, at 21:42, Jed Matthews wrote:

> Is there a wider lack of distinction between ɨ and ə across the texts?

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