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I have just sent the following unfinished draft  to Spellyans from my iPhone by mistake. It was written in Co. Mayo, where I was without my books.

On 2011 Gor 23, at 14:27, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> Under chy Nance gives two plurals, *chyow and treven. *Chyow is not attested. Treven occurs in Lhuyd, in Ko oagoaze tha e drevon ha bethow why looan TBoson and in y vab po y virth, chy, trevyn po tyrryow TH 21a.
It also occurs in Ny dale dieu gwile treven war an treath Jenkins. Notice further that Lhuyd s.v. Domus gives Cornish Tshyi and after it puts [plur. Treven]. 

> Under tyak Nance gives two plurals, tyogyon and tyogow. *Tyogyon is not attested. Tiogou occurs in OCV and tyowgow at BK 766. The plural of Cornish tiak 'farmer' is tiogow.
> Under 'cousin' Nance gives kenderow m. and kenytherow f. Kenytherow is an invention. Kenderow is a respelling of Lhuyd's single example of canderu.

In fact kenderow is also unattested. Kenderow is a respelling of Breton kenderu 'Consobrinus' AB: 50c-51a.
Both kenderow and kenytherow therefore are inventions of Nance's.

The only attested word for 'cousin' in Cornish is cosyn. This is attested twice in RD and ten times now in BK. The plural cosyns occurs twice in BK.


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