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Dear all, 
Lhuyd's writings are generally considered to be part of the traditional
corpus of Cornish. I follow this notion with the proviso of looking at his
stuff critically - which is only fair. Arbednek, however, has long been part
of the vocabulary of RC and is fine by me, and so is specyal. The Corpus of
traditional Cornish is too small to be avoiding words that can be used in
RC, that includes Lhuyd, OC and place name elements and here I am and
continue to be very grateful to Craig for bringing up examples of them past
and present. Also to Nicholas for pointing out which words in the corpus
have previously been 'shunned' for overly purist reasons, as well as
semantics of loan words. It's wrong, in my opinion, to disallow a word like
specyal, but by the same token I want to continue using arbednek if I want
to. Let's leave it to the stylistic preferences of the
speaker/writer/translator and rejoice in the diversity of the Cornish
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"Notice also that Pryce gives ARBEDNEK, presumably taken from Lhuyd's
preface, like other items in his vocabulary, but Pryce says the word means
'usual, customary' (not 'special') ACB K 2 a.
On 2011 Gor 27, at 12:59, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
Do we know that Lhuyd invented it?  Or had he heard it used in speech?"
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