[Spellyans] An Beybel Sans: The Holy Bible in Cornish

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Keslowena mur dheugh-why oll.

This is a landmark day for the Cornish Language and for all who develop
their spiritual life in conjunction with a Celtic language.

I feel that Nicholas is to be greatly praised for this monumental effort,
and your own enterprise, Michael for the work of organising, typesetting and

As one of the original supporters I look forward eagerly to receiving my

This landmark occasion needs to be marked by a special event - maybe a day
conference as a follow-on from the MAGA conference on 01 Oct ?

Clegh yn Nef ow seny heb dowt - an ken ken

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Yma Evertype ow nôtya bos dyllys trailyans nowyth Nicholas Williams a'n
Beybel Sans. Hèm yw an kensa leun-drailyans a'n Beybel dhe Gernowek
bythqweth a veu. Pris £49.95. Dhe gafos dhyworth Amazon.co.uk ha dhyworth
Spryrys a Gernow. Rag godhvos moy, gweler

Evertype announces the publication of Nicholas Williams' new translation of
the Holy Bible, the first-ever complete version in Cornish. Retail price
£49.95. Available from Amazon.co.uk and Spryrys a Gernow. For more
information see http://evertype.com/books/beybel.html

Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com/

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