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On 2011 Gor 28, at 10:41, nicholas williams wrote:

> The glossary has a headword bacqwards. This should be backwards.
Mes yma lyes camlytherennans y'th Herlyver KUA a ve dyllys yn 2006, mes nyns us fors awos henna poynt! Yma fowtow yn pup lyver a ve dyllys bythqueth. Dar, my a wor yn ta bos fowtow yn pup lyver oll a wruk-vy dyllys, ren a barf!

> Under ‘bald’ the glossary gives mol. This is unattested. The attested words are blogh and pylys

Ogh, rak meth dhedha! Y re wrussa redya dha Erlyver KUA, Nicholas, may kefyr an offryn-ma:
>> bald a. môl; blogh; dyvle·w; pylys

Mes wosa ty dhe gemeres henna ger-rak-ger mes a Nance 1955, ty a omsevys (del hevel) orth redya an offryn yn y Erlyver 1938, yn dan an ger alwheth-ma:
>> mōl…bald, callow, bare, round topped, hornless; placename Mulfra, see brē; D[ialect] "brummal" (bar mōl) "maw", a domed corn-mow.

What Nicholas failed to include in his rather derivative dictionary is the useful information given by Nance that K. mōl is a word reconstructed from Cornish Dialect and from a toponym. It's useful because it allows students to decide whether to use 'mol' or the older, more attested alternatives.

Nance made efforts in all of his dictionaries (bar the little 1934 one) to mark neologisms, loans and calques—not to mention including in the '38 many referenced quotes from the historical corpus. This is a mark of just how thorough he was both as linguist and lexicographer. Not all of his successors (and detractors) have met his high standards, unfortunately.

All Kernewegoryon today owe him—and the other Cornish scholars who collaborated with him—a great debt of gratitude for their meticulous scholarship. Na vens-y, dasserghys ny vya agan tavas del grysaf.

Let's have an end to this constant mean-spirited begrudgery, masquerading as linguistical criticism; it has the reek of academic envy, frankly. 

I, for one, have had a bellyful of it.

Eddie Climo
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